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About us

Fine handmade jewelry

Brivizo invites you to explore the enchanting and lustrous world of fine handmade jewelry. Brivizo specializes in creating luxury, one-of-a-kind pieces designed by Estonian master jeweller of more than 30 years, Vadim Anton. With the eye of an architect and the heart of an artist, Vadim Anton brings his visions to life with help from the most skilled and talented jewellers Tallinn has to offer.

Quirky yet elegant

Quirky yet elegant, Brivizo pieces are distinguished by their eye-catching design, lively colour palette, and playful textures. A favourite pairing, silver and wood, blends the cool, delicate elegance of precious metal with the earthy depth of natural wood to achieve a satisfying aesthetic balance.

XII Premis Gaudi 2020

Another striking combination of silver and colourful enamel is the theme of the beloved Barcelona collection, inspired by the beauty of Spanish people, nature, and art. The talented and stunning actress Maria Molins wore a piece from this collection to the XII Premis Gaudi 2020.

Creativity of self-expression is always in style

Much like the otherworldly architecture of Barcelona, Brivizo pieces speak to the playful whimsy in all of us — whether it’s flitting about on the surface or just below – and prove that elegance and cultivated taste don’t have to be synonymous with minimalist severity. Living for the fun and creativity of self-expression is always in style, whatever your style, and that’s what Brivizo is all about.